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What is Post-Amputee Rehabilitation?

Ergonomics is the science which has its focus on the “match” between people and their work environment. It puts people’s welfare first, taking account of their capabilities and limitations within the workplace.

The goal of ergonomics is to ensure that work tasks, equipment used, information and the environment suit each worker in order to maintain health and safety standards.

What We Offer

Physiotherapy is essential to recovery following below knee, through knee, and above knee amputations. The process of simply walking is severely affected. Strength training of certain muscle groups is required. Balance retraining is essential to adapt to the differences in sensation. All of these are areas of expertise for physiotherapy. In addition, it is vital to closely monitor and manage the stump. Ineffective management can lead to increased risk of infection and circulatory problems.

Education and strict, specific training regimes are required to ensure that you are getting the best treatment available. Your progress in returning to normal living depends on accurate and expertise advice from your physiotherapist. We can provide this for you at The Physio Company.

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