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What is Exercise & Movement?

Exercise physiology is a branch of the biological sciences and is concerned with the way in which the body responds to exercise and training. 

Exercises can be given to reduce pain and stiffness, to improve flexibility and strength, or simply to return to sport or activity after an injury or break.

What We Offer

Our Physios are trained to provide exercise and movement programmes that are individually tailored to each patient.

Our Physios not only advise you on how to exercise safely but also on what types of exercise are suitable for your age and condition. We understand that exercise is not always easy or thought o be fun for all our patients so we will make it as interesting and simple to include into your daily life as possible.

Exercise physiologists typically provide scientific support at various levels to athletes and teams within a single sport or several sports. This may involve monitoring training through the measurement and assessment of such physical functions as respiration, metabolism, body composition, muscle, nutrition, and the nervous, pulmonary and cardiovascular systems.

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