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Nursing Home Intervention Completed By A Chartered Physiotherapist.

What Is Nursing Home Physiotherapy?

Our team of Chartered Physiotherapists have the necessary skills and expertise to provide assistance to your Nursing Home residents. They can look after a variety of patients that present with neurological, arthritic, respiratory and mobility conditions.

Treatments can include one on one rehabilitation sessions, small group exercise classes, falls assessments, provision of walking aids, transfer practice, respiratory care and positioning.

What We Offer

Our team of Chartered Physiotherapists can attend on a one off basis to assess and treat a patient that presents with an urgent requirement. If you have multiple residents that require ongoing care we can arrange weekly/monthly clinics to meet the demand.

In addition, we provide quantative falls assessments for patients to determine their risk of falling. This involves wearable sensors and a comprehensive mobility test. It is ideal to gain a clear understanding of the risks and to implement solutions.

Nursing Home Physiotherapy For

  • Mobility Issues

  • Falls Assessments

  • Arthritic Conditions

  • Neurological Conditions

  • Respiratory Conditions

  • Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

Why Chartered Physiotherapy With The Physio Company?


Integration with local team

Our Chartered Physiotherapists will integrate with your local team, to ensure all are working towards the one goal. We will maintain clear communication with all parties involved and strive for high clinical standards.


We’re Fully Insured

All of our Chartered Physiotherapists are fully insured and regulated by the ISCP (Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists). This gives you peace of mind that you are in the safest hands. 


Highly Trained Physio Team

Our Physio’s have all been university trained to the highest standards. They have hours of clinical experience and will maintain accurate correspondence with your medical team.

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“In this setting one size doesn’t fit all. We are eager to discuss your residents needs and determine a service provision that fits.”

- Emily Poole, Chartered Physiotherapist

Request An Appointment or Further Information From Your Local Chartered Physiotherapist


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Our Patient Services Team.

Our patient services team are available Monday – Friday 8am – 7pm, Saturday 8:30am – 4:30pm. If your enquiry is urgent please call our team at 01-6799685 and we can assist you.

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