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What is Inferential Treatment and why is it needed?

Interferential Therapy is one form of electrotherapy, it used to treat injuries or issues of the muscles, ligaments or bone.

Physiotherapists have been using Interferential Therapy as one of many treatment tools and we can create a personalised rehabilitation plan according to your needs.

Interferential Therapy can be used with other protocols to achieve the best results. These include resistance exercises, massage, and hot and cold therapies.

How does Inferential Therapy work?

Inferrential current uses a medium frequency current that has been in use for therapeutic purposes for over 25 years. It involves the placement of danip sponges on the body which deliver a mild current similar to the sensation of pins and needles. This current can be manipulated by our physio to target the right area and provide treatment for pain relief, muscle spasm, inflammation and to reduce swelling.

Electrotherapy shall be used as appropriate with treatments. Units are also available for sale or hire with Physios guidance on the correct programmes for use dependent on your condition.

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Inferential Therapy can be used to treat
  • Pain Relief
  • Muscle Stimulation
  • Increasing Blood flow
  • Oedema

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