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Groin Strain

A Groin Strain is a common injury to the muscles of the inner thigh. The groin muscles, known medically as the “adductor muscle” group, consist of six muscles that span the distance from the inner pelvis to the inner part of the femur (thigh bone). These muscles pull the legs together, and also help with other movements of the hip joint. The adductor muscles are important in sprinting and sports that involve side stepping as well as ball sports.



Symptoms Of Groin Strain

With a Groin Strain the muscle is forcibly stretched or contracted beyond its capabilities and the muscle tissue becomes torn. A tear in the groin muscle is referred to as a Groin Strain and depending on its severity it is classified as a first, second or third degree strain.

A strain of the groin muscles will result in pain and weakness in the region. This particularly affects a person’s ability to explosively change direction and markedly reduces penetration and strength of the kicking action.



Treatment Of Groin Strain

Rest is vital during early treatment and activities that cause symptoms should be avoided. Ice should be applied in the first 48hours to stimulate blood flow and prevent inflammation.

The immediate treatment of a Groin muscle injury consists of the POLICE protocol – protect, optimal loading, ice, compression and elevation. It is important that this is done correctly and our highly skilled Physiotherapists can advise you on this.

Once ready, gentle resistance exercises and stretching are important as they help to align the scar tissue which forms during the healing process. Our Chartered Physiotherapists will devise a rehabilitation plan specific to your needs aimed at strengthening the adductor muscles when healed.



Our Expertise

Muscle weakness, prior groin strain, muscle imbalance in the thigh, increasing age, reduced flexibility, limited or incorrect off season sports specific training can increase the risk of developing a groin strain.

Groin Strains are easily diagnoses by clinical examination. Our Chartered Physiotherapists are highly skilled in the assessment and diagnosis of sports related injuries.

After the early stages of rest, more active rehabilitation can be started. Our Sports Physiotherapists have extensive experience in the treatment of groin strains and will guide you through a personalised treatment plan, so you know you are in safe hands.


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