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Work Injuries can often cause severe and debilitating symptoms such as pain, numbness and tingling. These often lead to reduced worker productivity, lost time from work, and temporary or permanent disability. Common causes include poor ergonomics (job set up), repetitive, forceful, or prolonged movements or heavy lifting, pushing, pulling and carrying of heavy objects. Others include prolonged faulty postures and exposure to vibration or an unsafe work environment. Regular exercise has been shown to improve health and have a positive effect on sick leave and productivity.



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Physiotherapy addresses injury prevention strategies and goal setting in order to return to work within a reasonable time frame. If you are hurt at work, please take the appropriate steps in order to start Physiotherapy as soon as possible.

We also offer workplace assessments for Employers to ensure a safe and appropriately designed workplace for their employees. Should that be of interest, please contact us to discuss.

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