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Fallen Arches

Fallen arches, or Pes Planus, is a postural deformity, where the foot appears flatter due to the collapse of the foot’s arch. This condition can be present from birth or may develop over time. There are several factors that can contribute to the development of this condition such as genetics, fractures, obesity, arthritis and/ or damage to tendons. Commonly, fallen arches develop due to a weakened or injured Posterior Tibial Tendon. Several problems can develop due to this condition and it also puts you at greater risk of developing foot, knee and hip related problems.



Symptoms Of Fallen Arches

Structural problems in your feet like fallen arches can alter your walking and running pattern and as a result cause pain throughout your body. Clear and accurate assessment of the mechanics of your lower limbs is key to understanding the profound effect that subtle faults in your foot, ankle, knee and hip alignment can cause.

People who suffer from Fallen Arches often experience other conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis, Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (Shin Splints), and in some case knee, hip and back pathologies



Treatment Of Fallen Arches

Custom orthotics are specially designed insoles, which are made for your by prescription. This is done by taking a digital scan of the foot standing still and while walking so that your prescription is made to your exact specifications. The insole then correctly aligns your foot and as a result your body. This will relieve abnormal strain of tissues and structures which can cause pain.

For less severe mal-alignments or for sports use a wide variety of temporary insoles are also available in our retail section of the clinic.



Our Expertise

We have a number of Biomechanical Specialists working as part of our highly skilled team of Physiotherapists and podiatrists. They perform detailed investigations to determine how each patient moves (kinematics), or identify the causes of body movement (kinetics) to enhance our understanding of issues concerning health and exercise.

Our Biomechanical Specialists will take a lower limb mechanical assessment of you, to provide a complete diagnostic analysis of foot and lower limb function; allowing treatment or orthotics to be prescribed accurately. They have extensive experience working in this area so you know you are in safe hands.

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