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Facial Palsy

Bell’s Palsy or Facial Palsy is a disorder that affects nerves and muscles in the face causing paralysis or drooping of one side of the face. Most people who experience the condition are concerned about the unsightly and unbalanced look it gives to their faces.  Fortunately, such imbalances are completely resolved in most cases.



Symptoms Of Facial Palsy

Bell’s palsy can affect the ability to eat and drink, and it can be difficult to form normal facial expressions. If the face is mostly or fully paralysed, there may be a difficulty with closing one eye, which can leave the eye vulnerable and exposed particularly during sleep. Some sufferers may experience episodes of drooling from the side of the mouth.

Bell’s palsy may also be accompanied by a sensitivity to sound on the affected side. Some people experience headache and in particular may experience pain in the head just behind the ear on the affected side. This is often the first symptom of an incipient Bell’s palsy.



Treatment Of Facial Palsy

Physiotherapy can be helpful to Bells Palsy in strengthening the facial muscles to avoid wastage and in resensitivisation of the affected nerves. Pain relief is also something that we can assist with.

Our physiotherapists may prescribe a number of exercises that have proven to improve this condition. Tailored facial exercises can help to improve facial function, mainly for people with moderate paralysis and chronic cases



Our Expertise

We have  Physiotherapists who specialise in the diagnoses and treatment of Facial Palsy. We will provide expert treatment for strengthen facial muscles and resolve muscular balance. The treatment provided will depend on the level of muscular weakness in the individual and once this is assessed, a personalised treatment plan will be outlined. All of our Chartered Physiotherapists are fully qualified and insured, with clinical experience in in the treatment of Facial Palsy, so you can be sure you’re in safe hands.


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