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Preventing Back to College Pain

College Lecture

Students today suffer from a number of health concerns developed from the hours spent pondering over notes, laptops and video games. If you are a student, we are sure that you must have suffered from the pangs of back pain. Back pain in students can develop from a number of different practices that are quite easily resolved. By understanding what is causing the pain and correcting a few basic practices, you can lead a pain free life and concentrate better on your studies for a longer period of time.

What Causes Back Pain?

In students, one of the biggest causes of back pain is studying for hours or attending lectures while sitting in an incorrect position. Students often bend over to ensure that they are able to concentrate better on books and their laptops. This leads to the stretching of the spine from its normal position, thus causing back pain.

Most students also know the burden of carrying heavy course books in and out of college. With each book weighing a ton, it is virtually impossible to escape the pain that is caused by dragging them all around. Moreover, add the weight of laptops and you have the perfect recipe for painful aches in the lower back.

Wrong Posture

Though there is no fixed way to avoid slouching when you are studying (you may get too engrossed in the course books to notice, however unlikely that sounds), the best way to ensure a pain free existence is to keep correcting your posture every time you feel stiff. Moreover, use a high back chair with a super comfortable seat and sit at a table that is at a comfortable height so as to ensure a pain free study session. You should also try taking a break after every half hour or forty-five minutes.

Books And Laptops

Fewer books encourages lack of study, so instead of leaving everything at home you can try a few basic steps like choosing the proper backpack for carrying all the study material and laptops. The backpack should have wide straps and the straps should be padded sufficiently. Try alternate between the two shoulders while carrying it. Correct your posture to stand perfectly erect while carrying your bag and make sure to clean out your bag regularly of all that excess junk.

Attending Lectures

There is no need to start skipping lectures, what you can do is sit in a upright position and ensure your back does not ache, well, much.

If your back pain still persists after trying these few tips, it may be indicative of a more serious problem. In this case it is probably best to visit your physiotherapist for further advice.

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