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Back & Neck Pain

Hot vs. Cold: What Is The Best Treatment for a Back Injury?

Many of us have been subjected to an injury at some point, and it’s not unusual for us to try a number of different methods to try and get rid of the pain. Two of the most popular methods of alleviating pain is the applying of ice or heat. But there can be some confusion as to what kind of treatment should be used for certain injuries. 

Back Pain - Symptoms, Causes & Treatments for Back Pain

Most of us will suffer with the dreaded ‘back pain’ at some stage in our lives but DON’T FRET,  it is one of the most common problems which we treat in our clinics on a daily basis. Our chartered physiotherapist Bláithín Brady sees people who suffer with back pain nearly everyday and today she provides her insights into this problem.

How Neck Pain Can Be Helped By Exercise

We have all experienced neck pain to some degree- it may be brought on from sitting at a computer the whole day, from playing sports or possibly from an accident. Neck pain is a relatively common complaint, affecting up to 70% of individuals at some point during their life. Approximately 40-50% of the population suffer neck pain in any one year. 

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