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Pilates Classes in Patrick’s Quay

Are you interested in taking up Pilates classes? Perhaps you are curious and wish to find out what Pilates is about. We offer APPI Pilates classes at our Patrick’s Quay clinic in Cork City, which will be led by Chartered Physiotherapist Breda Walsh starting on Wednesday 16th May 2012.

What is Pilates?

This form of exercise was designed with strengthening of the core as the fundamental component to the concept of Pilates. Core strength involves the deep muscles of the abdomen and back working together to provide more strength to the body and also extra support for the spine. Pilates exercises teach  and encourage an awareness of the individuals breathing and of alignment of the spine to help strengthen the deep torso and abdominal muscles.

What are Some the Benefits of Pilates?Whole-Body Workout.

  • Adaptable to varying fitness levels and requirements.

  • Creates Strength but not bulk.

  • Increases Flexibility.

  • Promotes Leaner Muscle and Tones Muscles.

  • Increases Energy .

  • Improves Posture

About the Pilates Classes?

  • Time: 19:30-20:30 on Wednesdays and will run for 6 weeks

  • Attendees should arrive 10 minutes in advance to fill out their registration form. Comfortable clothing should be worn and all necessary equipment will be provided.

  • Cost of classes: Six 60 minute classes €90. Payment should be made in full in advance of the commencement of classes, either at the time of booking with our patient services team over the phone or on the first day of classes.

To find out more please visit our Pilates page. We hope to see you there!!

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