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Your Health And Physiotherapy

With their detailed knowledge of human anatomy and movement, our highly skilled Physiotherapists can help you to solve all kinds of problems during and after illness or injury, as well as offering preventative advice. Smoking, unhealthy diet, high blood pressure and lack of exercise all contribute to Heart Disease. Physiotherapists, working as a part of a team, can develop a treatment programmes, taking into account your age, lifestyle and previous history.

Mental health problems affect one in four of us at some time in our lives. Depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and other problems can be triggered by personal and lifestyle pressures, such as bereavement, relationship breakdown, or job loss. They can also be the result of drug or alcohol dependency, illness or long term physical disability. Mental Well-being is often about how well a person functions successfully while feeling capable and competent. Sleeping well, eating well, exercise, having a positive outlook and good social support characterise mental well-being.

Physiotherapy has an important role to play in helping those with mental health problems. Research shows that regular exercise affects mood and increases self-esteem. Our highly skilled Physiotherapists are able to assess people and devise a safe, enjoyable exercise and movement programme tailored to their needs, which will help to build their mental and physical well-being. Physiotherapy can also alleviate back pain and other physical symptoms which often accompany mental health problems by teaching relaxation techniques or by using massage and other touch related therapies.

Exercise plays a key role in tackling mental health related issues and heart disease. Rehabilitation after a heart attack may take several months or more. Our Chartered Physiotherapists will teach relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, and exercises to gradually strengthen leg and trunk muscles. Regular aerobic exercise decreases the heart rate and blood pressure at rest and during exercise. This helps to reduce the work load on the heart and anginal symptoms may be alleviated. Regular exercise improves muscle function and the ability to take in and utilise oxygen better.

Physiotherapists are trained health care professionals with a wealth of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries and neurological and respiratory conditions. Our team of Physiotherapists are all university trained and fully insured so you know that you are in safe hands. If you have a concern about your health or have sustained an injury consult one of our skilled physiotherapists today.


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