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A stroke occurs when the normal blood flow to the brain is suddenly interrupted or blocked. This can be due to bleeding or haemorrhage from a blood vessel, or a clot in a blood vessel. Stroke is the third leading cause of death worldwide. 80% of strokes are classified as ischemic, meaning blood supply to a part of the brain is cut off due to a clot or blockage resulting in death of the brain tissue.



Symptoms Of Strokes

The result of a Stroke is loss of function in the affected part of the brain. The person may have difficulty controlling movement on one side of the body, affecting the head, arm, leg and face. Speech, vision, swallowing, bowel and bladder can also be affected. The person’s emotions, ability to concentrate and memory may also change.

It is vital that you recognise the signs of a stroke early and seek medical attend. New treatments if administered in a certain space of time from the onset of symptoms can result in little or no deficits but early intervention is the key.

Remember FAST

  • Face drop

  • Arm weakness

  • Speech Difficulty

  • Time to call 112 or 999



Treatment of Strokes

Once a patient has been hospitalised and is medically stable, rehabilitation will commence.

Physiotherapy plays an important role in stroke rehabilitation. After a detailed assessment, our highly skilled Physiotherapists will plan rehabilitation programme taking into account your lifestyle and home environment. Treatment may include guided movements of limbs, and relearning how to sit, stand, walk and other everyday activities. A falls screen may also be of benefit.

Advice will also be given to carers on how to help. Depression is common post stroke and It may be suggested that you visit our psychologists at Spectrum Therapy.



Our Expertise

Our physiotherapists are highly trained and qualified to provide expert care to our patients. They are fully insured and are chartered by the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP).

We have a team of Clinical leads who visits our physios and clinics to ensure a level of customer service and quality care that exceeds our competition is given to patients every time.


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