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Tendinopathy (Tendonitis)

Soft tissue injuries are injuries related to the soft tissues of the body (muscle, tendon, ligament and nerve). Tendinopathy is a broad term used to describe painful conditions occurring in and around tendons due to overuse. The heel and elbow are common sites for tendon injuries, including Achilles tendinopathy and Tennis Elbow.Tendons connect muscle to bone and most injuries occur near joints. Anyone can experience a tendon injury but repetitive actions are more likely to damage a tendon.



Symptoms Of Tendinopathy (Tendonitis)

A tendon injury may happen suddenly or over time. Tendinopathy usually results in pain, stiffness and a reduction in strength. Symptoms include:

  • Pain may get worse as you use the tendon

  • Morning stiffness and pain

  • The area may be tender, red or swollen

In the beginning of an evolving tendinopathy, pain may be present in the early stages of activity and then disappear during the activity, only to reappear once the activity has been cessed. Patients are able to localise the pain and often report a ‘sharp’ pain at the beginning and a ‘dull ache’ after a few weeks of the tendinopathy being present.



Treatment of Tendinopathy (Tendonitis)

Our Chartered Physiotherapists will carry out a comprehensive assessment to determine the presence of a tendinopathy and develop a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Initial treatment of a tendinopathy usually involves rest, pain management, maintain normal movement with gentle range of motion exercises and gradual return to normal activities. Ice should be applied in the acute stages and avoid smoking as it delays tissue healing.

Our highly skilled Physiotherapists can advise you on appropriate rest and help relieve your pain which a variety of manual techniques.

Our Certified Acupuncturists may also use acupuncture or dry needling to treat such musculoskeletal conditions. For more information please see here.



Our Expertise

Our Physiotherapists have a great deal of specific clinical experience in the management of tendon injuries.

Tendinopathy is diagnosed through the history of the injury and a thorough physical exam. This is an area of expertise for physiotherapists and encompasses the whole body. Once a diagnosis is made, specific treatment advice can be given.

Our team of Chartered Physiotherapist are all university trained and fully insured so you know that you are in safe hands.

All our highly skilled Physiotherapists use a variety of evidence based treatments and techniques in the management of tendon related issues. Tendinopathies can leave the tendon vulnerable to ruptures therefore appropriate treatment should be sought.


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