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Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries not properly treated can lead to ongoing problems which can affect your sporting performance or future health! Sports injuries, whether they are recent or old injuries continuing to cause problems, need professional assessment and management to ensure no unnecessary complications arise. Our team of highly skilled Sports Physiotherapists can help diagnose, treat and prevent injuries, helping you perform at your very best.



Treatment of Sports Injuries

The most common sports injuries:

Injuries left to heal themselves can lead to long term residual problems due to, soft tissue adhesions and tightness, joint stiffness, muscle imbalance and a deficiency in the return of normal muscle strength.

Our Chartered Sports Physiotherapist are just as happy treating elite athletes as well as once a month 5 aside football players!! Our experienced staff will accurately assess your problem and provide you with the rehabilitation that you need in order to return to your sport as soon as possible.

Early recovery and active rehabilitation are important goals in the treatment of sports injuries; our clinic is equipped with the appropriate tools to help you achieve these goals. Each treatment plan will not only be tailored to your needs but the specific sports you play, helping you to return to your best and prevent future injuries.



Our Expertise

Our Physiotherapists have a great deal of specific clinical experience in the management of sport related injuries.

Our Physiotherapists are highly qualified and trained in the assessment and treatment of sports injuries and have a traditional working relationship with doctors. We treat all types of sports injuries, ranging from ACL tears in the knee to simple sprains of the ankle or joint separations of the shoulder. Whether you have an ongoing problem from an old injury or you have just hurt yourself, we can help.

Our team of Physiotherapists have a comprehensive knowledge of biomechanics, tissue pathology and tissue healing. Do not forget that is Chartered Physiotherapists (and not any other profession) that play an integral part in the treatment, rehabilitation and injury prevention of professional athletes in sporting teams and organisations such as the Irish Rugby and Soccer teams.

All our Physiotherapists use a variety of evidence based therapies and treatments to get you back playing as quickly as possible.


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