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The field of biomechanics applies principles of mechanics to study the structure and function of biological systems. The basis of biomechanical analysis is the determination of how forces generated within the body, or how forces applied to the body, influence the way that we move. Structural problems in your feet can alter your walking pattern, running pattern & cause pain throughout your body. Clear & accurate assessment of the mechanics of your lower limbs is key to understanding the profound effect that subtle faults in your foot, ankle, knee & hip alignment can cause.



Symptoms Of Insoles

Your foot is in contact with the ground for about 0.8 of a second when walking and about 0.25 seconds when running.  No practitioner (no matter how well trained) can provide a 100% accurate analysis of foot function with the naked eye in a quarter of a second!

Through our combination of a skilled Biomechanical Assessment & a computerised Gait Scan, foot problems can easily be diagnosed by our expert Physiotherapists.

Gait scan involves thousands of tiny sensors which capture the distribution of pressure throughout the sole of your foot each step you take. We can then display foot pressure distribution on the screen giving a very accurate visual representation of the pressures under your feet.



Treatment with Insoles

Orthotics are specially designed insoles, which are made for you by prescription. This is done by taking a plaster cast of the foot in its neutral position and is then sent to a laboratory, with your prescription to be made to your exact specifications. The insole then correctly aligns your foot and as a result, your body. This will relieve abnormal strain of tissues and structures which can cause pain. For less severe mal-alignments or for sports use a wide variety of “off the shelf” insoles are also available. These can be purchased from our Shop and our Chartered Physiotherapists will advise you on the best insole to manage and resolve your specific problem.



Our Expertise

Our Biomechanics Specialists may perform detailed investigations to determine how each patient moves (kinematics), or identify the causes of body movement (kinetics) to enhance our understanding of issues concerning health and exercise.

Our Biomechanics specialists will take a lower limb mechanical assessment of you, to provide a complete diagnostic of foot & lower limb function; allowing treatment or orthotics to be prescribed accurately.

Orthotics can assist with a wide range of biomechanical problems such as Heel pain, Flat feet, Shin splints, Fallen arches, Plantar Fasciitis, Knee pain, Back pain and much more.


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