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Headaches can have many different origins. Physiotherapy can be very effective in treating those that arise from the joints in the neck being either too stiff or mobile, or the muscles of the head, neck and shoulders that have become painful due to overuse, weakness or poor postural habits. Headaches are commonly generated by active trigger points (local muscle spasm) in the surrounding muscles which then radiate into the head. It is important to identify the correct origin of your head-ache as further referral may be needed.



Symptoms Of Headaches

Any of the symptoms listed below could indicate that your neck is the source of your headache

  • Your pain radiates from the back to the front of your head.

  • Your headache becomes worse with prolonged sitting posture (eg sitting at the computer)

  • Your headache is aggravated by repetitive movements or postures.

  • Your headache is always more severe on the same side of your head.

If headaches are as a result of a dysfunction of the vestibular system, headaches may also be accompanied by episodes of dizziness or unsteadiness.



Treatment Of Hamstring Injury

Our highly skilled Physiotherapists can successfully treat cervical headaches using specialised techniques to optimise motion of the joints in your neck and ensure the surrounding muscles are able to do their respective jobs effectively.

These techniques include heat, joint mobilisation, soft tissue massage, postural advice, stretching and strengthening exercises. Other techniques such as Dry needling and acupuncture are commonly used to release trigger points and decrease pain.

Assessment of your work station may also be appropriate. We are able to provide a review with an ergonomics specialist if required. For a host of related topics and stories see our blog postings.



Our Expertise

Our Physiotherapists are highly trained and qualified to provide expert care to our patients. They are fully insured and are chartered by the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP).

We have a team of Clinical leads who visits our Physiotherapists and clinics to ensure a level of customer service and quality care, which exceeds our competition, is given to each patient on every visit.

Our highly skilled Physiotherapists have extensive experience in the treatment of headaches and can provide advice on how to successfully manage this debilitating condition.


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