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Muscle Imbalance

Movement and physical function requires a balance between muscle tone, strength and length. The relationship between these three muscle characteristics around a joint is known as muscle balance. Repeated movements in one direction or sustained postures can quickly set up a muscle imbalance that can ultimately lead to the dysfunction of a joint.



Symptoms Of Muscle Imbalance

A lot of musculoskeletal pain conditions are caused by muscle imbalance of opposing muscles in the front and back of the body. This can be seen commonly in the hips, shoulder and lumbar spine.

These imbalances occur in many activities of life, from simple poor posture sitting at the desk or sleeping at night, through to repeated movements without working the opposing muscle group. So even when we are doing the correct thing getting out exercising we can be slowly developing a muscle imbalance if the programme isn’t well rounded.



Treatment of Muscle Imbalance

Our highly skilled Physiotherapists will work with patients to prescribe an exercise rehabilitation programme to address muscle imbalance.

By addressing issues like posture, our Chartered Physiotherapists can help ensure that your muscle balance can return to normal and prevent future injury.

Our Physiotherapists will carry out a detailed assessment of your posture and musculoskeletal system. They will identify any imbalances in strength, flexibility or tone and devise a personalised treatment plan to address these issues.



Our Expertise

Our team of Physiotherapists have extensive clinical experience dealing with people with muscle imbalance problems. Through their detailed examination they will determine whether there are detectable and correctable abnormalities of muscle strength and length that are fundamental to the development of musculo-skeletal pain and dysfunction.

Detection of these abnormalities and correction before injury has occurred should be part of any injury prevention strategy and a similar approach will ensure that injuries once sustained, will not recur.

All our Physiotherapists are fully insured and are Chartered by the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapist, so you are in safe hands.


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