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Sprained Ankle

A Sprained Ankle is one of the most common injuries caused by participation in sports. It refers to soft tissue damage around the ankle, usually caused by an inversion injury (where the ankle is twisted inwards) or an eversion injury (where the ankle is twisted outwards). Because of the position of the bones around the ankle, the inversion injury is far more common.

This injury causes damage to the lateral ligaments on the outside of the ankle.


Dependent on the severity of the strain, the following symptoms may be prevalent:

  • With a first degree sprain there is pain when turning the foot in or out and also pain when the damaged area is touched.
  • With a second degree sprain the pain is more severe, there is swelling all around the area and it is painful to walk.
  • With a third degree sprain the pain is excruciating and walking is impossible. There is gross swelling and there may be deformity if the ankle is dislocated.


It is important not to put too much weight on the damaged ankle, so walking should be avoided if possible. Where a fracture is suspected an x-ray should be carried out at an accident and emergency department.

Cold therapy to reduce swelling and pain and Electrotherapy to encourage the healing process and encouraging the formation of scar tissue to repair the ligament will be recommended by our Physios. Once the patient is able walk on the ankle, more active rehabilitation can be started.

Our Expertise

Our Physio’s have an abundance of clinical experience treating  sprained ankles. We  provide expert treatment for your ankle pain as well as supplying you with  exercises to treat and strengthen your ankle to give you a long term solution to manage any weakness in the ankle and lower limbs.

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