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Disc Disorders Of The Back

Those suffering from Disc Disorders often feel excruciating pain and such pain is a warning sign that should be heeded. If tackled early and quickly, pain from Disc Disorders can normally be eliminated.


Symptoms Of Disc Disorders Of The Back

The pain caused by Disc Disorders of the back can be hard to ignore and are normally alleviated from lying flat on ones back, and can exacerbated by sudden movements like sneezing.

Sometimes this pain can be caused by a damaged nerve ending and in this case the pain may be felt across the entirety of the nerve. 


What Physiotherapy Treatments are available?

Back pain is often prevented by keeping the back muscles flexible and strong. Repetitive forward bending or twisting with heavy weights can make you more predisposed to having issues with your back. Learning how to lift and move objects correctly ensure you don’t overload your back.

Treatment can involve:


Our Expertise

Our Physiotherapists are university trained in the assessment and treatment of spinal problems. We will diagnose problems in the joints and soft tissues of your body and will carry out a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan for your particular problem.

In addition to this, our physio’s will provide strengthening exercises and preventative advice for those prone to back pain. All of our Physiotherapists are fully Chartered and insured with extensive clinical experience in the treatment of back conditions.

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