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Developmental Coordination

Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD), sometimes called Dyspraxia or clumsy child syndrome, is when a person’s motor skills are impaired, resulting in movement and co-ordination difficulties. A prevalence of 4-5% of students in mainstream primary schools is seen and is more common amongst boys. Children with DCD experience difficulties with posture, movement and coordination and exhibit a failure to acquire both fine and gross motor skills such as dressing, ball games and handwriting.


Symptoms Of Developmental Coordination Disorder

People with Developmental Co-ordination Disorder (DCD) are assessed in a variety of different ways and a detailed developmental history will be taken.

As a result of DCD, the person finds it hard to learn motor skills and his or her movements are often slow and hesitant. They may experience difficulties with dressing, eating and ball games and they may take longer to learn such tasks as riding a bicycle.

They may also have problems with language, handwriting, organizing their thoughts, poor time management, as well as, difficulty with attention span and memory.


Developmental Coordination Disorder Treatment 

Research has shown that without treatment the majority of people with Developmental Co-ordination Disorder do not outgrow the condition. Physiotherapy plays a key role in the management of this condition.

In order to improve motor skills, treatment may include exercise and movement programmes. For example, weight bearing exercises can help to increase muscle control, therefore improving co-ordination, while tactile (touch) activities can help to increase sensory awareness of the limbs.


Our Expertise

Our highly skilled Physiotherapists will carry out a detailed assessment to identify you or your child’s particular difficulties before planning a specific treatment programme. This may include exercise and movement programmes to strengthen weak muscles and games to improve motor skills and coordination.

Our team of Physiotherapists receive on-going training and mentoring so that you receive the best and most evidence based treatments possible.

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