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Dancing Injuries

The majority of dance related injuries are caused by overuse as opposed to any sort of trauma. The foot, ankle, lower leg, back, and hip are some of the most commonly injured sites. In addition, the type of dance style may expose the dancer to risks of certain types of injuries. For example, ballet dancers are prone to ankle sprains, whereas urban, or street, dancers are exposed to knee injuries due to sudden flexion and extension movements.


Symptoms Of Dancing Injuries

Common dancers’ ailments include ankle sprains, Achilles tendinopathy, shin splints, and low back pain. However, many other muscle strains, joint and ligament sprains, joint pains and over training syndrome can occur.

Dancers are athletes in the degree to which they require highly skilled capabilities to perform and train at a high level. It is important to address dance injuries correctly, as continuation of regular practice while injured can cause far more serious injuries with long term implications.


Dancing Injuries Treatment 

Our Chartered Physiotherapists will carry out a detailed assessment to determine the type and cause of the presenting problem. This will guide their choice of the best evidence based treatments to manage your dance related injury.

Depending on the injury, our highly skilled Physiotherapists may prescribe various types of treatments including strengthening programmes with additional stretching when appropriate.

Many dancers find a sports massage and dry needling to be particularly beneficial in helping to heal over used muscles quickly.


Our Expertise

Our Physiotherapists are highly qualified in the management of joint and ligament sprains and muscle strains.

Our Physiotherapists will utilise a range of their skills in soft tissue management, exercise prescription to stretch and strengthen, mobilisation of the spine and other joints, and prescription of appropriate taping/splints or orthotics, getting you back to full fitness and out on the dance floor as quickly as possible.

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