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We all have hundred’s of bursa throughout our bodies, the function of which is to decrease friction between two surfaces that move in different directions. Bursa are found at points where muscles and tendons glide over bones and without them, movement would be painful. Bursitis is the inflammation of a bursa which comes about from muscles or tendons pulling at the wrong time, too hard or from the wrong angle. This is commonly seen in repetitive movements but can occur through minor impact or by a sudden, more serious injury.


Symptoms Of Bursitis

Our highly skilled Physiotherapists will diagnosis your bursitis on physical examination. Findings consistent with bursitis include tenderness directly over the bursa, pain with movement of overlying muscles and tendons & swelling of the involved area.

Pain is the main symptom associated with bursitis. However, there is a small risk that an inflamed bursa can become infected. Signs of infection include: open wounds around the area, redness or increasing warmth of the skin, fever, chills, and sweats. If you have any sign of infection you should alert your doctor immediately.

Bursitis in common in adults, especially those over the age of 40. The elbow, shoulder, hip, knee and Achilles tendon are just a few of the common areas often affected by bursitis.


Bursitis Treatment 

Our chartered Physiotherapists will provide expert advice around ways to protect the area, including bandaging or an immobilizing brace around the joint until the inflammation subsides. Relative rest and icing the affected area can help in the initial stages. Depending on our diagnosis we may recommend that you see your GP to discuss anti-inflammatory medication. Once inflammation has reduced, we can assist in ensuring that Bursitis does not keep reoccurring.

Proper strengthening technique can help you avoid Bursitis. Our highly skilled Physiotherapists will devise an individualised programme to address all your needs, helping prevent the recurrence of this painful condition. Modified activity is advised until the inflammation settles.


Our Expertise

Bursitis usually results from a repetitive movement or due to prolonged and excessive pressure. It may also occur from a traumatic injury, such as after a car accident or fall. The bursa, which had functioned normally up until that point, now begins to develop inflammation, and bursitis results. Once the bursa is inflamed, normal movements and activities can become painful.

Our Physiotherapists have the expertise to diagnose and treat bursitis, as well as help you to manage other systemic inflammatory condition such as rheumatoid arthritis, which may also lead to Bursitis. Our highly skilled Physiotherapists will help you improve your strength and function, which will in-turn prevent recurrence of this condition.

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