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Broken Wrist

A Broken Wrist is among the most common broken bones, usually occurring following a fall on an outstretched hand. Risk factors for a Broken Wrist range from participation in certain sports such as skiing or football, to bone conditions such as osteoporosis, a condition in which bones become thinner and more fragile.


Symptoms Of Broken Wrist

There are various different types of wrist fractures, named after the extent of the fracture and where on the bone the fracture has taken place.

Symptoms of pain, swelling, deformity and an inability to use the wrist are common after a fracture and should not be ignored. If you suspect a wrist fracture has taken place, it is necessary to seek medical attention as soon as possible.


Broken Wrist Treatment 

Rehabilitation begins immediately while still in plaster by maintaining the range of movement and strength in the shoulder, fingers and thumb, on the side of the affected wrist. This prevents secondary stiffness in these areas and helps to resolve swelling in the wrist.

Assuming that there are no complications with healing, the plaster can usually be removed after 6 weeks and at this stage more active rehabilitation can be undertaken. Our Physiotherapists may also perform manipulation and mobilisation to reduce stiffness and pain.


Our Expertise

It’s important to treat a Broken Wrist as soon as possible to ensure that the bone heals in proper alignment and deal with any poor union of the fracture site. A delay in treatment may affect your ability to perform everyday activities such as grasping and holding and can leave you with residual pain and stiffness.

Our Physiotherapists have extensive clinical experience treating wrist injuries and wrist breaks for those who have acquired sporting injuries or those suffering from fragile bone conditions such as osteoporosis. Our Chartered Physiotherapists will assess your injury and provide appropriate treatment dependent on the level of rehab needed.

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