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Ankle Sprain

With an ankle sprain there is soft tissue damage in the ankle area, caused by the ankle twisting inwards (inversion) or outwards (eversion). Since the bones are on the outside of the ankle it is most likely that injury is most likely caused by the ankle twisting inwards. An ankle sprain causes damage to the lateral ligaments on the outside of the ankle. 


Symptoms Of Ankle Sprain

Ankle sprains can differ in severity and so the symptoms will differ. An individual with an ankle sprain may feel pain when they touch the area or if they turn the foot in or out. They may have some swelling in the ankle and find it difficult to walk without feeling pain. If the injury is really severe they might not be able to walk at all due to extreme swelling, an excruciating pain or possible fracture/dislocation.


Ankle Sprain Treatment 

Try not to put a lot of weight on the affected ankle before treatment to minimise any further damage. (i.e. minimal walking). Depending on the severity of the ankle sprain our Physios will use a variety of therapies and treatments to help you recover. Often Cold therapy is used on the swollen ankle to bring down its size, then Electrotherapy may be employed to help with repairing of the damaged ligament. As soon as the individual can walk comfortably, our physios can begin a more dynamic rehabilitation programme with them.


Our Expertise

Our Physiotherapists have a great deal of specific clinical experience for the treatment of ankle sprains. We will provide expert treatment for your ankle pain as well as offering exercises to treat and strengthen your ankle to give you a long term solution to manage any weakness in the ankle and lower limbs. All of our Chartered Physiotherapists are fully qualified and hold insurance policies so you know that you’re in safe hands.

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