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Our Promise

First and foremost, we will work hard to get you better but just as importantly we strive to make your visit as enjoyable as possible. We have created some service promises that allow you to confidently “choose The Physio Company” knowing that you will receive the best treatment and the best service possible.

The Physio Company 6 promises of outstanding service:

1. Be Confident You're In Good Hands

We know that Ireland is full of people who “claim” to be able to help you. We only employ fully qualified, licensed and insured Chartered Physiotherapists. Your body is important so we are careful who we offer to help you.

2. No Waiting Lists

You will be offered your first appointment that day or the next business day after contacting us. Early treatment means a speedier recovery. If we fail to do this, then you decide whether you want to pay us for the first appointment – no questions asked.

3. No Hanging Around

 Whilst 95% of treatments will start on time, we guarantee that you will never be kept waiting longer than 15 minutes. We know that you are too busy to wait around. If we do not meet this, then you decide whether you want to pay us – no questions asked.

4. No Excess Talking

There is a perception that physiotherapists spend the first session only talking to patients about their injury or condition and not enough time treating you. Be assured that our policy is to as quickly and effectively as possible commence treatment of patients. This will always happen at your first appointment.

5. No More Confusing Jargon

After seeing us you will know your problem and solutions in language that you understand. We will not scare you with medical terminology but instead help you understand.

6. No More Unknown 

Ever had a problem treated only for it to keep reoccurring? We strive to tell you Day 1 what you can expect with respect to correcting the primary cause of your pain and then achieving a lasting solution to your problem.

These promises are not written to fill up pages on the site… but rather
These are the guiding principles of our business, ensuring that we make your treatments as fast, smooth, comfortable and of course SUCCESSFUL as possible.

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