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Rachel Fitzpatrick, Chartered Physiotherapist


Qualifications & Education

Rachel is a Chartered Physiotherapist with current membership of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists. She completed her BSc – Physiotherapy in University College Dublin and graduated from UCD with a First Class Hons. She remained in UCD and completed a Masters in Physiotherapy Research, examining the impact of knee osteoarthritis on the Irish population. She has combined research and clinical practice through working as a researcher in UCD as well as seeing patients in private practice.


Rachel has worked in a variety of clinical settings since graduating from UCD. She gained strong musculoskeletal experience by working in a private practice in Ireland upon graduating. During her research masters, she found herself immersed in the area of chronic pain which has helped her to develop her skills in the identification and treatment of the vast number of people that suffer from long standing pain. She has worked as a physiotherapist with Hockey Ireland and thoroughly enjoys treating the variety of injuries that present themselves. Last year she travelled to the United States, Belgium and the Netherlands with the team as they competed in a variety of tournaments. She continues to work and with their Under 21 Men’s team and will be travelling with them this summer to the European Qualifiers. She has a strong interest in sports injuries, particularly overuse injuries, chronic pain and arthritis.


When not in the clinic, Rachel enjoys going to the gym as often as she can. During the warmer months, hiking and trail running are her escape and she plans on staying in Ireland this summer to explore all that the west coast has to offer in terms of adventure (weather permitting). Rachel is a bit of a “foodie”, and in the past has been known to frequent as many restaurants as she can over the course of a weekend. However, her New Year’s resolution is to develop her culinary skills and so she has swapped eating out with staying in. With a ferocious appetite, it is probably a blessing that she enjoys the gym so much!


  • Sports injuries
  • Arthritis pain
  • Chronic pain
  • Trigger Pointing
  • Sports Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage


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