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Dublin City Marathon

The Dublin City Marathon has grown from a modest 11,000 in 2007 to nearly 20,000 this year with additional places offered to fill the demand. With the increase in participants comes the inevitable increase in running injuries. Here, we look at how a Physiotherapist can help prevent and treat running injuries.

Common Golf Injuries

While golf may not be a contact sport, one in five golfers will sustain an injury each year. If you are shocked by that figure, don’t be. The reason it is so high is that golf is a sport that involves extremely repetitive movements, which can lead to a whole host of issues, overuse injuries being one of the most common. 

Preventing Injuries At The Gym

Many of us take up gym memberships with the intention of making genuine changes to our body, our lifestyle and improving our overall happiness. This can be a rewarding decision and can contribute to your fitness, your health and has a number of related improvements in other areas of your life. But like any vigorous activity, exercising in the gym can occasionally lead to injuries for even the most diligent person.

Most Common Weightlifting Injuries

Weight lifting is one of the most iconic exercises of them all – throughout history people have engaged in weight lifting to make themselves stronger, increase their muscle mass and develop their fitness. It can be a fantastic way to take control of your bodies abilities and your appearance, but for its many benefits it also has some essential risks involved.

Why Do Muscles Feel Tight?

There are anywhere from 650 to over 800 muscles in our bodies, so it is inevitable that they will have the occasional problem. Muscle tightness is far from a serious issue in most cases, but it can still be inconvenient. Although they’re usually not very painful, stiff muscles can be very limiting to our physical activities. So what exactly causes stiff muscles?

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