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Support This Great Charity Cycle From Dublin To Beijing !

Most people would consider a cycle from Dublin to Beijing as utterly ludicrous seeing as it is all of 15,000 KM (9320 miles) – but not Stephen Cunningham. For a  long time Stephen’s (28)  ambition has been to complete this gargantuan cycle “for the craic” as he says but also to raise money for a terrific cause, Our Lady’s Children’s hospital in Crumlin.  Now a lot of people might not see this as much craic but Stephen writes this to say:

“In January 2014, I’ll start my cycle through 15 countries, covering 15 to 16 thousand kilometres through Europe and Asia. Through wind, rain, sun and probably snow. Over mountains and across deserts. I’ll have less than 9 months to do it as my sister is getting married in September, so the pressure is on! “

Back Pain - Symptoms, Causes & Treatments for Back Pain

Most of us will suffer with the dreaded ‘back pain’ at some stage in our lives but DON’T FRET,  it is one of the most common problems which we treat in our clinics on a daily basis. Our chartered physiotherapist Bláithín Brady sees people who suffer with back pain nearly everyday and today she provides her insights into this problem.

Acute knee Injuries in Sport

Whether it’s on the GAA field, the soccer pitch, the tennis court, or the basketball court, acute knee injuriesare becoming a prevalent injury in today’s world of sport. Lower limb injuries are predominant in elite Gaelic footballers, accounting for 77% of all injuries. Thirty two percent of these injuries occur to either knee orankle ligaments, with 16% to either knee or ankle tendons.  

How To Avoid Mishaps & Injury During Warm Summer Weather

Ireland and its normally sun deprived, milk-bottled inhabitants are all still in shock  that we are now into our second spell of beautiful sunny weather of the Summer ! With temperatures having reached the high 20′s in some parts of the country it is no surprise that everyone is lapping up as much Vitamin D as they can. 

We cannot be sure how long it will last for but we will continue to enjoy it as long as it is here! Not to try and put a damp note on this but there are a number of things we should consider while its hot hot hot. There are a few warm weather pitfalls which can be easily avoided, so here they are!

New Physiotherapy Clinic Opening in Malahide!

The Physio Company are delighted to announce that our 17th Dublin clinic will soon be opening in Malahide! Our newest location is due to open on July 8th. This great new clinic is located within Arena Fitness Club which is in the Grand Hotel, just off the Coast Road in Malahide. The clinic is easily accessed from area such as Portmanock, Baldoyle, Sutton, Howth, Swords and Donabate

How Acupuncture Can Help Treat Women’s Health Problems

Many people might not be aware that Physiotherapists can provide a number of treatments which can help with a number of health problems which women may encounter.  There are certain methods by which our Physiotherapy team can provide these Women’s Health treatments, with one of the most common being acupuncture. Most people will have heard of acupuncture but might not know exactly what the treatment is and how can it help in alleviating women’s health problems.

How Bad Weather Affects Aches & Pains

Raincoat or sunglasses? Umbrella or sun hat? Who knows?!  The notoriously changeable Irish weather makes a forecaster’s job almost impossible. The forecast on your phone tells you to get the sunglasses out; your granny says her knees tell her the bad weather is on its way.  Who do you trust? Is this an old wives tale or should you get Granny a regular spot on RTE after the Six’ One News?

Multiple Sclerosis and Exercise…Getting the Balance Right.

Around 8000 people in Ireland live with the condition, Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Despite being a progressive neurological condition many individuals  who have MS can manage to cope with the illness and handle the associated difficulties. So if you are affected by MS either by having the illness or knowing somebody who has it, then today’s blog post is worth a read. Chartered Physiotherapist Caroline Walsh explains what the condition is and also how exercise can help in managing the condition.

Have You Broken a Bone Recently What to Expect

Many of us have broken a bone in our lifetime. Perhaps you have recently suffered from a fractureand you are wondering how long it takes for these to heal and also what are the steps to restoring full mobility in the area affected. Today’s author is Chartered Physiotherapist Eoin Keating, who works in our clinics in Macroom and Mahon, Cork. Eoin will answer the questions asked above…

Hand Injuries Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention

Chartered Physiotherapist John Jordan documents the more common hand injuries that we come across in our clinics.

Hurling, football, rugby (both tag and full contact), basketball, volleyball and basically any sport that requires the handling of a ball, are all easy ways of injuring your fingers or thumbs.  It may seem like an innocuous place to get an injury but if you have a problem with even your little finger, believe me you’ll know about it. 

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