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So what exactly is Lacrosse?

Lacrosse is a team sport of Native American origin and to this day remains most popular in the US & Canada. In recent years however, it has gained huge popularity across Europe, Australia and parts of South East Asia. Here in Ireland, we have likened it to hurling due to the speed at which it is played as well as its intense physicality. Perhaps these similarities may go some way to explaining why the Irish team has made such progress in recent years.

Despite being relative newcomers to the international scene, Lacrosse in Ireland actually predates the foundation of the GAA, with the first recorded international competition here in Ireland taking place in 1867 when William George Beers, the man credited with modernising and codifying modern Lacrosse, brought a team from Canada to these shores.

British Pathé reel of Ireland V Wales, Ladies International match, Dublin 1931

British Pathé reel of Ireland V Wales, Ladies International match, Dublin 1931

Traditionally, Lacrosse’s popularity has been greatest in Canada and the US but small and dedicated Lacrosse communities have been appearing across Europe and Australasia. In the modern era, Lacrosse in Ireland has had a relatively low profile but the success of our representative teams in recent international competition means that its popularity is fast growing.

The FIL Men’s World Lacrosse Championships take place this coming July in Denver, Colorado and Ireland will be represented as the best international teams come together over 9 days of competition. This will mark our 4th appearance at the event, our best finish coming in 2006 when Ireland placed in 7th position. This was followed up in 2010 when Ireland placed 9th out of 29 competing nations.

Expectations are much higher this time around as Ireland come into the tournament on the back of strong performances in the 2012 European championships where they narrowly lost out to England in the final. The following year saw Ireland sweep the boards in the 2013 Celtic Cup after beating France in the decider.With a 23 man squad just announced for the world championships, drawing equally from home based talent as well as Irish players resident in the US & Canada, hopes are high of emerging from the group stages where they meet France, Uganda and Bermuda. From there, it’s into the Quarter finals and knockout stage where anything is possible!

The Physio Company are proud to sponsor Lacrosse Ireland and in addition to providing physiotherapy care to the team, we are asking our customers to show their support by purchasing a #BeOurHero t-shirt or by making a €2 donation in any of our clinics.

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