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The Physio Company Proud Sponsors of Ireland Lacrosse

The Physio Company & Ireland Lacrosse

The Physio Company is very proud to be sponsoring Ireland Lacrosse at the 2014 Lacrosse World Cup. These guys might not get as much media attention as the Irish Rugby Team or may not get to drive Lamborghinis around the streets of LA, like some members of the Irish Soccer Team do, but they are our best chance of bringing home a world cup trophy this summer.

The Physio Company are supporting the team in every way we can and we are asking our customers to get behind the team too. Help the team out by purchasing a #BeOurHero t-shirt or by making a €2 donation in clinic.

Ireland at the Lacrosse World Cup

Ireland will be well represented at the World Cup in 2014. This World Cup is not happening in Brazil though and it likely won’t be reported on in the Irish media; however Ireland are aiming for at least a Quarter Final finish.

Coming off the back of a Silver Medal finish at the 2012 European Championships with a thrilling battle in the final against England, the Irish team are hoping to build on their recent European success on the World stage in Denver this July.

So let’s get behind the Irish Lacrosse team and help them represent us with pride in the World Cup this July (and hopefully beat England in the final this time round).The cost to to get each player to the World Cup is over €5,000 and as they receive no state funding, the team is currently running a fundraising initiative called ‘Be Our Hero’ and the main push for the campaign is to sell superhero themed t-shirts online.

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