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Workout Tips

Feeling Self-Conscious About Running In Public?

First things first – You are not alone. Fear of running in public or feeling self-conscious while exercising prevents a lot of people from even beginning a running routine. You may be worried that you’ll look slow, silly, too fat, and too old to other runners or people on the street.Like anything else, the first time is usually the hardest, so don’t be concerned about what others think!

Ten Mistakes to Avoid After Working Out

A good workout can be an extremely satisfying and rewarding experience. We put a lot of effort in during these workouts so here is a few things to consider after you session, workout or class. These are some of the more commonly seen mistakes people make after working out. We all make them but perhaps this will make you more aware of them. Some of these may seem like simple common sense but they are often overlooked and forgotten about but they can make a difference to you.

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