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Sports Injury Prevention

Most Common Hurling Injuries

Most Common Hurling Injuries

When you decide to play any sport, you’re willing to risk getting injured. While there is an inherent risk of injury in every sport, the kinds of injuries and the likelihood of sustaining them varies greatly from sport to sport. Unfortunately, Irish sports are often overlooked by the broader medical community, so today we’re going to look at some of the most common injuries in one of Ireland’s oldest and roughest sports: hurling.

Common Golf Injuries

While golf may not be a contact sport, one in five golfers will sustain an injury each year. If you are shocked by that figure, don’t be. The reason it is so high is that golf is a sport that involves extremely repetitive movements, which can lead to a whole host of issues, overuse injuries being one of the most common. 

Sports Injury Prevention for Athletes

Many athletes fall prey to sports injuries each year in Ireland. From twisted ankles to torn ligaments and broken bones to concussions, these injuries can affect athletes of all ability and skill levels. Here are some stellar tips that can help you prevent sports injuries and limit the amount of time that you spend out of the game.

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