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What Pain In Different Parts Of Your Back Can Mean

What Pain In Different Parts Of Your Back Can Mean

Suffering from back pain can be a frustrating experience, as even the slightest pain can be persistent and throw our days into chaos. Almost every activity we do, whether it is working, exercising, watching TV, or even sleeping suddenly becomes a struggle to get comfortable and stay focused. How to deal with this pain depends heavily on what the cause of it is, so in this blog, we’re going to look at what different pains in parts of your back can mean.

Back Pain - Symptoms, Causes & Treatments for Back Pain

Most of us will suffer with the dreaded ‘back pain’ at some stage in our lives but DON’T FRET,  it is one of the most common problems which we treat in our clinics on a daily basis. Our chartered physiotherapist Bláithín Brady sees people who suffer with back pain nearly everyday and today she provides her insights into this problem.

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