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Running Tips

How To Avoid Burnout From Running

No matter how focused we are on a task or how committed to a schedule, we all go through periods when we need a break – both mentally and physically. This is the same for runners. This can happen after completing a big race that you've been working towards for months as it can be tough to stay motivated once you've reached your goal.

When Is It OK To Run Through Pain?

Whether you are a beginner or a serious runner, after a long run you are likely to feel some aches and tenderness in your muscles. While this is normal, if the pain is persistent it shouldn't always be disregarded completely as avoiding the pain can lead to a more serious injury. So when is it ok to run through the pain?

Feeling Self-Conscious About Running In Public?

First things first – You are not alone. Fear of running in public or feeling self-conscious while exercising prevents a lot of people from even beginning a running routine. You may be worried that you’ll look slow, silly, too fat, and too old to other runners or people on the street.Like anything else, the first time is usually the hardest, so don’t be concerned about what others think!

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