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Preventing Neck Pain While Studying

Preventing Neck Pain While Studying

When studying, your mind is focused on many different things: exams, projects, deadlines, scheduling, remembering what you need to learn, and actually learning it. It’s easy to allow studying to take control of your time and focus, and although it must be done, this can cause us to forget about our wellbeing. Diet and sleep are the most famously hard-hit areas during study time, but one area that is overlooked all too often is the strain we put on our necks.

Postural Rehabilitation Class In Cork

We are happy to announce we will be holding Posture Rehabilitation classes in January, in Cork. These classes are specifically geared towards beginners. Our classes are designed for men and women who suffer from poor posture due to poor muscle tone and weakened core. The result of this is often back and neck pain, and discomfort while performing everyday tasks

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