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Falling Temperatures and Physiotherapy

People have long believed that there is a link between the weather and our well-being. But what about physical pain? Is there any truth to the age-old adage that some people can physically feel when bad weather is approaching? As it turns out, there just might be.

Physiotherapy & Positive Ageing

Physiotherapy & Positive Ageing

As we age, we experience drastic changes to everything from our bones and muscles, to energy and endurance. Physiotherapy can help us reduce the impact of these changes and keep us fighting fit for years to come.

Physiotherapy and Headaches: What Can We Do?

Physiotherapy and Headaches: What Can We Do?

The first step in effectively treating any headache is to correctly identify the type of headache you are experiencing, followed by its root cause. A physiotherapist can help you identify both of these things, and work with you to lay out a range of treatment options and work towards reducing the level and frequency of this pain.

Pelvic Floor Problems and Incontinence - Physio Can Help

Suffering from pelvic floor problems or incontinence? Our Senior Physiotherapist Caroline Knox from our Baggot Street Clinic can help.Caroline is a women's health physiotherapist and has done an Advanced Urogynaecology Course for Physiotherapists and has extensive experience in treating pelvic pain in the public and private settings. 

New Physiotherapy Clinic Opening in Malahide!

The Physio Company are delighted to announce that our 17th Dublin clinic will soon be opening in Malahide! Our newest location is due to open on July 8th. This great new clinic is located within Arena Fitness Club which is in the Grand Hotel, just off the Coast Road in Malahide. The clinic is easily accessed from area such as Portmanock, Baldoyle, Sutton, Howth, Swords and Donabate

How Bad Weather Affects Aches & Pains

Raincoat or sunglasses? Umbrella or sun hat? Who knows?!  The notoriously changeable Irish weather makes a forecaster’s job almost impossible. The forecast on your phone tells you to get the sunglasses out; your granny says her knees tell her the bad weather is on its way.  Who do you trust? Is this an old wives tale or should you get Granny a regular spot on RTE after the Six’ One News?

Electrotherapy in Physiotherapy Treatments

You might have heard of Electrotherapy before but perhaps you were not aware that it is one of the many methods by which we treat patients within our clinics. Veronica McCormack of our Clondalkin clinic has written this very informative and interesting post which tells us how Electrotherapy works and how we can use it to help in your treatment. Don’t be scared of this treatment, keep reading to find out more!!

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