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Link Between Physiotherapy & Heart Attack Recovery

A heart attack can be a major and unexpected disruption to anyone’s life. While certain lifestyle choices or genetic predispositions can make our level of risk easier to assess, anyone can suffer a heart attack. Despite this, few people think of this as something to consider, and there is a lack of information regarding the realities of surviving a heart attack. In this blog, we will look the role physiotherapy plays in heart attack recovery.

Choosing the Right Physio for You

As with most healthcare professionals, physiotherapists tend to specialise in one particular area. These include, but are not limited to, chronic issues, post-op recovery, sports injuries, paediatric care, physiotherapy for the elderly, and rehabilitation. The first step in finding the right physiotherapist for you is to identify where your pain is and what is the most likely cause of it e.g. sports injury, pregnancy.

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