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Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Day

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Day

Since 2009, the Multiple Sclerosis International Foundation has held an annual campaign to raise awareness for the 2.3 million people globally who live with MS. World MS Day takes place on the last Wednesday of May, with events taking place throughout the month leading up to it. This year, the event falls on the last day of May, Wednesday the 31st, and the theme is “Life with MS”.

Multiple Sclerosis and Exercise…Getting the Balance Right.

Around 8000 people in Ireland live with the condition, Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Despite being a progressive neurological condition many individuals  who have MS can manage to cope with the illness and handle the associated difficulties. So if you are affected by MS either by having the illness or knowing somebody who has it, then today’s blog post is worth a read. Chartered Physiotherapist Caroline Walsh explains what the condition is and also how exercise can help in managing the condition.

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