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Most Common Weightlifting Injuries

Weight lifting is one of the most iconic exercises of them all – throughout history people have engaged in weight lifting to make themselves stronger, increase their muscle mass and develop their fitness. It can be a fantastic way to take control of your bodies abilities and your appearance, but for its many benefits it also has some essential risks involved.

Why Do Muscles Feel Tight?

There are anywhere from 650 to over 800 muscles in our bodies, so it is inevitable that they will have the occasional problem. Muscle tightness is far from a serious issue in most cases, but it can still be inconvenient. Although they’re usually not very painful, stiff muscles can be very limiting to our physical activities. So what exactly causes stiff muscles?

Considerations for Exercising in Winter Weather

The weather has taken a noticeable turn towards the Winter in the last few weeks and this change brings about a number of considerations for people who exercise and play sports outdoors. Although we are most likely a number weeks from seeing our coldest weather but it is still important to consider how you might need to alter your exercise and training regimes during the coming months. If you do not like treadmills and indoor exercise you need to consider how to stay safe during colder periods of weather. If you are off on a winter holiday sometime in the coming months then this blog is most certainly worth a read!

Vouchers for Participants of The Dublin City Marathon

The 31st Dublin Marathon is only a few days away now and we hope that everyone’s training and preparation are going to plan. Here at The Physio Company we fully understand the physical and mental demands of this race and we have some great post-race treatment offers for those of you who may be feeling the effects of months of hard training.

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