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Dublin City Marathon

Dublin City Marathon Preparation Tips

The 33rd Dublin Marathon is a couple of days away (starts at 9am on October 29th) and at this stage most people will be toning down their training regimes in preparation for the event which sprawls over the Georgian streets of Dublin. Running a marathon is of course among the most gruelling physical and mental challenges and running a successful marathon is usually down to meticulous preparation and planning and also sheer hard work and training. At this point if the hard work has not been put in over the past few months there is unfortunately not much preparation that will help you, however if you have put in the work the next few days of preparation are crucial to get you ready. 

Dublin Marathon Physiotherapy Discounts

The Dublin Marathon, which is now in its 33rd year, will take place on Monday the 29th October.  All over the country runners will be getting their final preparations done and making sure they are fully ready for this extremely tough physical and mental challenge. We understand the needs of athletes and indeed of all you brave runners who are about to run the marathon, so we are going to provide all participants of the marathon with some discounts for physiotherapy should you need some assistance loosening up before or after the big race

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