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How To Avoid Mishaps & Injury During Warm Summer Weather

Ireland and its normally sun deprived, milk-bottled inhabitants are all still in shock  that we are now into our second spell of beautiful sunny weather of the Summer ! With temperatures having reached the high 20′s in some parts of the country it is no surprise that everyone is lapping up as much Vitamin D as they can. 

We cannot be sure how long it will last for but we will continue to enjoy it as long as it is here! Not to try and put a damp note on this but there are a number of things we should consider while its hot hot hot. There are a few warm weather pitfalls which can be easily avoided, so here they are!

Seven Tips to Help Avoid Summer Weather Related Injuries

  • The Lawn Mower - This garden tool is not surprisingly the source of many summertime injuries. Debris which gets whirled into the machines blades can become serious hazards. So before you get mowing the lawn make sure that you have gotten rid of sticks, rocks and other items which might be lurking on your lawn.  It is also recommended that you wear a solid pair of boots and something to protect your eyes. This goes without saying but NEVER touch the blades of the machine while it is is on.
  • The BBQ - There is a lot that can go wrong with a BBQ so if you don’t want the back garden to go on fire always stay safe. This is even more important when a few beers get thrown into the equation. Rule of thumb you want your food to sizzle, not your skin so to avoid burns be cautious. The majority of burns occur when the Cook has lit the grill wrong  or used the incorrect fuel. Be patient with your coals, dousing them in gasoline or lighter fluids can be very dangerous. Always reach for food with a long handled set of tongs to protect your skin.
  • Bug Bites - Unfortunately warm weather brings out pesky insects who love to annoy humans! Staying indoors during dusk is wise as that is when creatures are at their biting peak! If you cover up and wear repellents which contain DEET you should be alright! Should you get stung by bees or wasps, treat the affected area with an ice pack and antihistamines to reduce the swelling. If any further symptoms develop consult a a doctor immediately (you may be having an allergic reaction).
  • Sunburn - Being Irish, we are naturally paler than most, therefore we need to apply sun cream and yet we so regularly decide not to do this. Sun burn can be incredibly as may of us know all too well so apply cream, wear hats, and sleeves and stay in the shade if  you are feeling the wrath of the sun! We all know about the dangers of skin cancer so don’t put yourself at risk .[Tennis is a very popular sport played in the summer]
  • Summer Outdoor Sports - There are few things more enjoyable than playing sports and games outside in the good weather. Tennis, golf, football, tag rugby, swimming, rounders and throwing around a Frisbee are just a few of the summer games played. Just be sure to have a quick stretch before  (read more about stretching here) to avoid injuries like strains and pulled muscles, even if you are only playing at a casual pace or level. Remember that wearing the right gear is important too – Kicking a football in flip-flops is a recipe for disaster!  Again if you are in the suns rays, put on suncream!!
  • Hydration - This is so important and cannot be emphasised enough. We need to drink between 2-3 litres of water a day and this amount increases during hot weather especially if losing fluids through perspiring. So keep a big bottle of water handy and keep drinking through the day! You can read more about hydration here.
  • Footwear -  Our physiotherapists see a lot of injuries from people wearing summer footwear and from resulting accidents. Open and breezy footwear like flip-flops and sandals are the culprits here. These items usually have thin soles providing little or no support to the feet creating problems. They can lead to foot, leg and back aches. Also because they are thin they are easily punctured from walking over something sharp like a stone or glass. So try and pick a suitable pair of shoes for what you are doing. If you are playing sports or going for a walk go with a supportive type of shoe.

So we hope these tips will be helpful for you! In the meantime we wish everyone a terrific injury-free weekend, we hope that your outings to the beach, parks, lakes, BBQ’s and everywhere in between! If you do have an injury that you think we can help you with please get in touch with us by booking an appointment.

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