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Run Off The Winter Blues

In the coming weeks we are going to be sharing a series of blogs which will discuss exercise, namely running during the Winter months. In this series, we will guide you through what you need to know and provide you with tips to keep you active over the cold period. Chartered Physiotherapy, Rob Hanley is the guest writer for these blogs. Rob who works in our clinic in Dooradoyle, Limerick, is a keen sportsman and runner who has recently completed the Waterford and Cork marathons amongst numerous other sporting activities, so he has an excellent understanding of what is required during running.

When the clocks go back and Winter sets in, many of us find the motivation to get out and exercise hits it’s yearly low. There are just so many excuses we can use this time of year and I’d say I’ve nearly used all of them  at some stage “it’s too dark in the evenings  now”, “it’s too wet”,  or my own personal favourite “I’ll go after dinner”.

But exercise is vital.  We are hardwired for it. Exercise, and your brain releases chemicals that make you feel good, more relaxed and that act as naturally occurring painkillers very similar to morphine. Avoid exercise and in time your mental and physical health will suffer. In fact a study this year in the Lancet- one of the world’s leading medical journals- showed that not exercising is as bad for your health as smoking.  True proof that regular exercise is not optional.

So we have to exercise. It doesn't matter how you do it so long as it gets your heart beating and breathing rate up. Jogging is a great way to do it. It’s effective and as cheap as it gets.  Unlike many sports where you need expensive equipment  or have to pay membership ,  all jogging  really takes is a pair of runners  and some will power.  

Over the coming weeks I’m going to cover 10 vital areas to help you off the couch and out there jogging effectively and safely. It doesn't matter if your goal is to get to 1k or a 100k ultra marathon, the rules are the same.

Topics will include:

  • Getting the right gear from the start

  • Motivation and how to beat those cold wet days

  • Am I running as well as I can?

  • Top stretching tips for runners

  • Top strengthening tips for runners

  • Top core tips for runners

  • Fueling your engine: nutrition, hydration and rest

  • If it’s marathons you’re after: progressing from the couch to 10k’s marathons and ultras

  • Common running injuries and when to seek help

It Looks like a lot, but it really isn’t. With this blog, I’ll take you off the couch to feeling healthier, happier and fitter in no time and show you how to even run marathons and beyond! 

Stay tuned for this series of blogs, but if you are thinking of taking up/getting back into exercising perhaps you may want to see a physiotherapist or physician before you get stuck in. You can make an appointment with us to discuss this further. Thanks in advance to Rob for this blog series.

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