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Posture Rehabilitation Classes In Cork

The Physio Company are happy to announce that we will now be running Postural Rehabilitation classes in Cork.

Our Posture Rehabilitation classes will be taught by Chartered Physiotherapist Siobhan O’ Donovan. The classes will take place in Nemo Rangers Football & Hurling Club, South Douglas Road, Cork & in our clinic in Patrick’s Quay , Cork City.

These classes are designed for both men and women who suffer from poor posture due to poor muscle tone and weakened core. The result of this is often back and neck pain, and discomfort while performing everyday tasks. These classes are designed to suit all levels of ability and ages.

Aim of the class

Our classes are centred on creating a strong core to help you recover from back or neck problems by improving the supporting muscles. For athletes, core strength can also improve the generation of power from your legs and arms, which in turn improves general performance.

Our classes will include advice on how to move and sit in everyday life, such as while at a computer in work or while hovering and lifting, in order to minimise your chance of injury. The classes involve non-impact exercises with progressions built into the courses.

Class Timetable

For more information about our Posture Rehabilitation classes click on the following locations:

Patrick’s Quay, Cork: Beginners, Advanced Beginners & Improvers classes: begin on Thursday 22nd September and will run for duration of 11 weeks

Nemo Rangers, Douglas Road: Beginner, Intermediate, Improvers & Advanced classes: begin on Tuesday 20th September and will run for a duration of 11 weeks

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