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Vouchers for Participants of The Dublin City Marathon

The 31st Dublin Marathon is only a few days away now and we hope that everyone’s training and preparation are going to plan. Here at The Physio Company we fully understand the physical and mental demands of this race and we have some great post-race treatment offers for those of you who may be feeling the effects of months of hard training.

For those of you who are running on Monday 31st of October, each of you will receive race bags handed out to you by the event organisers. Within this is a leaflet from The Physio Company, containing vouchers for those who have entered the race to avail of as well as information about those treatments from which the offers are valid.

The offers are:

Free 15 minute Assessment

This assessment with a Chartered Physiotherapist is designed to assist those of you who feel that you might have an injury, unexplained pain, joint stiffness, muscle imbalance or postural problem, however if you are unsure of whether this can be treated and if so, how and by whom.

€20 off Discount on Sports Massages

To assist with any post-marathon injuries, aches or pain, avail of a discounted treatment or massage from our expert sports Chartered Physiotherapists.

€50 off Custom Orthotics

We can prescribe specifically designed running orthotics. These customised orthotics will help restore normal balance and pressure on your muscles and joints, letting you just focus on your next race.

Terms & Conditions

At the time of booking, please use the corresponding booking code which can be found on the leaflet. The voucher is valid in all clinics throughout Dublin, Cork, Galway and Waterford until January 31st 2012.  There is one voucher per person only. Please bring your voucher with you for your appointment.

We hope that everyone manages to stay injury free during and after the race, however if you do suffer a sports injury, do not worry, we would be glad to help you. If you are feeling tight or have any strains or sprains, a sports or deep tissue massage may be exactly what you need.

The Physio Company wishes everyone involved in the Marathon  the very best of luck !

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