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Can Dry Needling to Relieve Sinus Pain

Feeling a change in the weather? Our Chartered Physiotherapist Mr. Rory Kelly BSc. guides us through the advantages of using the more traditional, holistic  approach of Dry Needling and how it can be used to treat that extreme uncomfortable feeling of the dreaded Sinus Pain.

If you have ever experienced the sensation of a blocked, aching pain as if your sinus has been nicely packed with concrete and left to settle then you know what we’re talking about. Not very pleasant. It can also be an extremely frustrating condition, with sufferers passed off as ‘nasal neurotics’ by friends, family and even healthcare professionals. But anyone who has had a bad bout of such pain or even knows someone who has recurrent sinus pain will tell you just how debilitating it can be, with pain potentially as severe and uncomfortable as migraine headaches.

Over the years many people suffering from recurrent “sinusitis”, nasal pain, congestion or pressure in the sinus or frontal areas of the face have simply been offered a course of anti-biotics/cold & flu tablets, nasal sprays or even the dreaded sinus rinse as a solution. These methods of treatment have often little or no long-term effect.

How Can a Physio Help? 

So where do physiotherapists come into all of this?

How can a treatment provided be of any benefit when compared to a course of medication?

Neck & Shoulder Pain Directly Linked to Sinus Pain:

Research has shown that  facial and sinus pain, as well as the sensation of blockage or obstruction in the nasal or sinus cavity can often be attributed to muscular disorders of the head and neck. There is increasing evidence that pain & obstruction felt over the nasal area and brow can be directly linked to tension in muscles in the neck and face, particularly when there has been a history ofneck or shoulder pain in the past.

Treating Sinus Pain with Dry Needling:

The treatment involved in this case is deep dry needling. Different to acupuncture, this treatment involves placing a very small needle into the taut bands (or knots) in the affected muscles. In doing so, the positioning of the needle provokes a localized ‘twitch’ response in the muscle, which has been shown to decrease muscle tension. Appropriate release of these muscle groups by a chartered physiotherapist has been shown in many cases to significantly alleviate nasal, jaw and facial pain, as well the sensation of blockage in the sinus.

Studies have shown this method of treatment have highlighted some remarkable cases, where patients with a history of pain for up to 15 years have gained great relief from dry needling after having previously undergone a variety of different medical interventions with no relief. In my own experience, results vary from relief of pain across the frontal sinus to a sensation of a need to “drain” the sinus following treatment. Follow up treatments often lead to sustained relief from sinus pain.

In Summary:

If you have a history of neck or shoulder pain, no matter how long ago, and also suffer from sinus pain, nasal or facial pain, then a treatment programme involving dry needling may be of benefit to you. An assessment with a chartered physiotherapy will discover whether you have tension in the above mentioned muscle groups and if so can commence treatment immediately. 

Although acupuncture needles are used for this treatment, this is not acupuncture. Dry needling is based on Western medical principles and while there are some similarities, both the technique of dry needling and the points used differ from those used in acupuncture. Dry needling is just one in the many range of treatments we now offer at our Clondalkin Clinic. Please let our Chartered Physiotherapists assist and guide you in the best care for you and your condition.

Book an appointment with our chartered physiotherapist Mr. Rory Kelly today to assist you with your problem. Rory also specialises in musculoskeletal injuriessports injuriessports and deep tissue massage, dry needling and Biomechanics/Orthotics.

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