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Osteoporosis Classes in Cork

As of September 13th The Physio Company are happy to announce that we will be beginning Osteoporosis classes. These classes will be conducted by a Chartered Physiotherapist in our clinic in Patrick’s Quay, Cork.

These classes are specifically intended to increase bone density and to decrease the risk of falls. The classes focus on posture, balance and strengthening all areas of the body in the management of Osteoporosis. Exercises involving weights can have a positive impact on bone growth by heeding the rate at which it may weaken or indeed even by improving the bone. The classes are small  (up to 8 people) and last for an hour. These classes allow for individual attention as well to ensure everyone in the class is benifitting.


Beginners classes: concentrate on the basic exercises and techniques. On completing the classes you should have a good knowledge on what exercises may be harmful to you.

Improvers classes: build on what you have learnt and help to progress your exercises in a safe way.

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What is Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis in a chronic bone disorder which is characterised by a reduced levels of bone mineral density which leads to bone deterioration.  Essentially this condition leads to bones becoming more permeable and fragile. One of two women and one in five men over the age of 50 in Ireland will break a bone due to the presence of osteoporosis.


The frequency of osteoporosis has been rising in Ireland since the 1960’s and is expected to continue to rise. Women are more susceptible to the condition, especially those over the age of 60 and they are more likely to suffer from a fracture from osteoporosis  than having breast cancer and a cardiovascular disease combined. Some causes include insufficient intake of calcium and vitamin D in older men and women, a shortage of weight bearing exercises and other age related changes in the human body.


Osteoporosis is a silent condition, with little or no symptoms until a fracture occurs. Although osteoporosis can affect the whole skeleton, the most common areas to break are the wrist, spine and hip. A small percentage of people can have back or hip pain, prior to a fracture. As the condition develops, it may cause dull pain in the bones or muscles, particularly low back pain or neck pain. Subsequently, sharp pains may come on. The pain may be made worse by activity that puts weight on the area and may be accompanied by tenderness.

Other symptoms include a loss of height (greater than 2cm) or a development of a hump on the back or change in body shape.


The key thing to remember is osteoporosis is treatable and fractures are preventable. Diet and lifestyle changes may be recommended in your treatment.

Exercise is key to help maintain flexibility and balance, reducing your risk of falls and fractures. Exercise is important both as a preventative method and as a risk reduction tool for osteoporosis.

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