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Osteoporosis Classes in Cork City

Osteoporosis is a silent disease that affects so many people; 1 in 5 men and 1 in 2 women over 50. Osteoporosis, sometimes referred to as brittle bones, is a disease that thins the bones, subjecting those affected to fractures or even breaks.

Unfortunately only 15% of people suffering from Osteoporosis are diagnosed at all due to the silent nature of the disease. It is described as being silent because the symptoms occur gradually and can be ambiguous making it harder to diagnose without having a DXA scan. However some tell-tale signs include height loss more than 2cm, a fragility fracture (i.e. from sneezing or a small fall) or a back hump developing.

It is caused as a result of the natural reduction in hormone production in the aging process and has been linked to drastic dieting and low calcium intake. Treatment and management of the disease is so important in order to improve the condition and quality of life as much as possible.

Our Classes

To help those affected to minimize the effects and risks of this debilitating disease we are beginning a new series of Osteoporosis classes in Cork City led by our Chartered Physiotherapist Louise Broderick.

These classes are designed to increase bone density and to decrease the risk of falls. The classes focus on posture, balance and strengthening all areas of the body in the management of Osteoporosis. Exercises involving weights can have a positive impact on bone growth by heeding the rate at which it may weaken or indeed even by improving the bone. The classes are small (up to 8 people) and last for an hour. These classes allow for individual attention as well to ensure everyone in the class is benefitting.

Our Osteoporosis classes begin on Tuesday 8th of November in Patrick’s Quay Cork, at 10am for beginners and begin on Monday 14th at 18 30pm for improvers. Six classes cost €100.

Beginners classes: concentrate on the basic exercises and techniques. On completing the classes you should have a good knowledge on what exercises may be harmful to you.

Improvers classes: build on what you have learnt and help to progress your exercises in a safe way.

Click here for more information about our osteoporosis classes.

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