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More Awareness Needed On Falls

The Physio Company’s latest blog discusses the incidence of falls in Ireland amongst elderly people.

One in three people over the age of 65 will suffer from a fall every year in Ireland, with many of these individuals falling again within a matter of months, as stated by the TRIL (Technology Research for independent Living) Centre.

According to the research centre, two-thirds of older people who suffer from a fall go on to suffer from another fall within the next six months. This very often leads to hospitalisation and in turn a significant decline in overall health.

Moreover, as well as physical injuries incurred, a fall can have a significant effect on a person’s psychological health. People who fall can suffer from depression, anxiety and isolation as a result of the incident.

“Falls are very common in older people, however they are preventable. We have many treatments that can help people back to full health and independence, particularly if risk assessment and intervention is provided at an early stage,” explained consultant geriatrician and director of the falls and blackout unit in St James’s Hospital, Prof Rose Anne Kenny.

The message from both the TRIL Centre and Age Action is to try and keep as physically active as possible, as this is known to help in the reducing the risk of falls. Individuals should also engage with their family and friends when possible and if concerned about the issue, should speak to a healthcare professional. Prevention and awareness of how to limit or stop these falling occurring in crucial.

The TRIL Centre has recently been conducting leading edge research that is uncovering the biological and psychological factors behind falls in older people. In conjunction with researchers based in Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, Intel Ireland and GE Healthcare, the centre is at the forefront of using novel sensor technology to predict the risk of falling and pointing the way to better diagnosis and management.

“Injuries sustained in falls can have a major impact on the quality of an older person’s life and impact on their independence. Increasing awareness of some of the factors around falls and helping prevent falls occurring in the first place can therefore ensure that more older people enjoy a good quality of life,” commented Eamon Timmins of Age Action.

If you or somebody you know has suffered from a fall, post-fall physiotherapy treatment can greatly aid in the rehab process so do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance. To make an appointment you can reach us at or by telephone on 1890 749746.

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