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Lower Back Pain and Stress: How Are They Related?

Back Pain

Stress can be a burden to many of us. Whether you’re the high-flying CEO of an international company, or the mother of a troublesome child, stress can have a huge impact on your everyday life.

While the emotional ramifications of stress are enough to make the condition far from attractive, it can also cause some people lower-back pain. Those who have suffered from stress can testify that they often feel timid and anxious about what the day has to offer. As such, this can lead to the body becoming stiff, therefore putting more strain on our muscles. This can create a vicious circle for the sufferer, as they often become more stressed as the lower-back pain is stopping them moving forward with their day.

Can Stress Be Avoided?

Stress is a common occurrence, but there are varying levels of stress. Some may feel stress at work, or while doing a difficult task. Although this can impact us, many can get through the process without suffering from any prolonged stress or back pain associated with it.

However, others may experience stress at a greater level. One common cause of stress is time management. Many of us long for more hours in a day because of that ever-growing to-do list which just never seems to deplete. The lack of time adds more pressure to an already stressful situation.

Lifestyle choices can also impact how stress affects us. A person who doesn’t get the right amount of sleep each night is more likely to suffer from stress compared to those who do. A healthy diet can also help maintain a healthy stress level.

Ensure You Interact With Others

When experiencing stress, it can be normal to try and deal with it ourselves. However, making time to interact with others can help reduce stress levels. You may choose to converse with family, or you may prefer to visit a support group. In either event, having an outlet to voice any worries allows you to unload the burden that stress can impose on you.

How Can I Treat Lower-Back Pain

Reducing your stress levels are always recommended, however it may do little to relieve lower-back pain, as the damage is already done. Fortunately, seeking the services of a reputable physiotherapist can help repair lower-back pain brought on by stress.

As people can suffer from a number of different symptoms, a different form of treatment may be required for different patients. A licensed physiotherapist will not only deliver treatment, but will ensure that the treatment being delivered is applicable to the symptoms being experienced.

Dealing with lower-end back pain brought on by stress is a simple case of looking out for the symptoms, and ensuring that professional help is sought in the first instance. Suffering in silence not only means you retain stress, but it means more pain could be experienced as a result. 

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